Life Groups

At Life Church we value loving relationships.  We understand that the Kingdom of God is administered through relationship. It is our desire that you connect with others who attend Life Church, and those throughout your community, for the purpose of discipleship and the sharing of Jesus’ good news! This is why Life Groups are central to the vision of Life Church. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A LIFEGROUP!

Life Groups are small groups that meet at various locations throughout Lee County.  Every group provides an environment for people to connect relationally, care for one another and grow together in their relationship with Christ.

Growth Groups:

The perfect way to connect with others while growing spiritually. They focus on communication and connection through discussion and conversation about Pastor’s current message or series. Each meeting also includes prayer and fellowship to ensure that your needs are being met and relationships are being developed!

Connection Groups:

Connection groups offer an opportunity to connect with others based as common interests.

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